Nataliya Petushkova,
Head of Moderator




International Forum “THE WORLD OF BUSINESS ASSOCIATIONS” is a project aimed at development of international cooperation of business oriented associations, their members and business partners.

The initiators of the project are the Union of Business Cooperation of Industrialists and Entrepreneursthe Association for the Economic Development of Regions and Municipalities (of Russia)the Union for Joint Insurance of Risks and the National Associations of Professional Consulting, which prepared and signed a Memorandum.

All business associations, as well as their members and business partners interested in achieving the project’s goals, can become participants of the project.

The Internet resource of the project is the website http://npoforum.org, which belongs to the Moderator of the project – the Association for International Cooperation of Non-Profit Organizations.

The project is aimed at initiating and strengthening business ties between its participants. Moderator organizes interaction using capabilities of the Internet space, as well as offline.

The site of the project is a multilingual platform, where you can find the information you need in the official languages ​​of the UN, which will allow project participants from different countries to conduct a dialogue in their native languages, excluding the language barrier and facilitating the establishment of mutually beneficial partnerships.